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files/news/5/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1976&lang=en§§5000§Mobile UCI-Hardness tester§alphaDUR mini§for fast and easy hardness testing

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files/news/10/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1996&lang=en§§5000§Calotester of the series§kaloMAX§for determination of layer thickness and wear resistance

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Leeb Hardness Test Blocks
for checking Rebound (Leeb) Hardness Testers
  • Available for all Leeb scales
  • Engraved hardness values
  • Optionally with DAkKS certificate according to ISO or ASTM


Leeb hardness test blocks are used to check Rebound Hardness Testers.
For this purpose, the instruments are set to the material steel/cast steel. If the measured values are outside the permissible tolerance, the cause is often due to impurities in the impact device or a defective impact body.
The test blocks can also be used for the calibration of equipment according to DIN EN ISO 16859 or ASTM A956.
The HLD test blocks are also engraved with the hardness values in HLDL, HLD+15 and HLC.

Leeb Hardness Test Blocks
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Dimensions:Ø90x55 mm (resp. Ø120x70 mm for HLG)
Weight:2,78 kg (resp. 6,17 kg for HLG)
Available hardness values HLD: <400, approx. 530, approx. 630, approx. 790, >800
Available hardness values HLG: approx. 490, approx. 590
Available hardness values HLE: approx. 740
  • Leeb test block with engraved hardness value